Friendly Streets Block Parties


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Want to help make your street more friendly for all?

Want to learn about street design, traffic calming, and public art?

Help shape the future of your street!

Join your neighbors for the Friendly Streets Block Parties this summer!

This summer, Hamline Midway Coalition and Frogtown Neighborhood Association are working with neighbors to host 6 block parties along Charles Avenue to introduce residents to a variety of techniques to make streets safer for all and gather information about what residents want to get out of their streets. Everyone is invited to come learn, share, create, and eat!

See below for more info on background, dates, and more information.


In May, 2010, the Saint Paul City Council adopted the Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan, which includes a bike boulevard on Charles Avenue from Prior Avenue to Mackubin Street as one of its key priorities. In response, Hamline Midway Coalition and Frogtown Neighborhood Association jointly formed the Central Corridor Friendly Streets Initiative to address, in a comprehensive way, the design and use of Edmund, Charles, and Sherburne Avenues between Aldine Street (on the west) and Rice Street (on the east). These streets will soon see significant changes in travel behavior and traffic patterns due to the construction and ensuing operation of the LRT line on University.

Block Parties

This summer the Friendly Streets Initiative will host a series of 6 block parties along Charles in the Hamline Midway and Frogtown neighborhoods to introduce residents to a variety of techniques available to make streets more "friendly" (i.e. attractive, safe, and accessible for multiple modes and all users), including place-making, public art, and traffic calmining techniques. Input gathered at these block parties will be used to guide future design of streets in the project area. 

Want to see photos from the first block party? Click here! And check back for more photos and updates as the parties continue!


All Hamline Midway and Frogtown residents are welcome to attend any of the block parties.

For more information contact Michael Jon at 651-646-1986 or